Ma’an will establish and manage a Social Investment Fund to grow social enterprises and social initiatives with the belief that economic and social progress go hand-in-hand.

Ma’an will partner with the government and private companies to steer funds for key social initiatives, designing fundraising plans, allocation strategies and enabling processes.


Ma’an will be the first to rollout Social Impact Bonds in the region.

Social Impact Bonds are a newfinancialmodel for evidence-based contracting public services, which aim to advance the delivery of public services using measurable social outcomes. They are also known as ‘pay for success’ financing.

Social Incubation and scale

Ma’an Social Incubator aims to make a social impact through enabling the success of the third sector and establishAbu Dhabi as a hub for social entrepreneurship.

Ma’an Social Incubator will offer social start-ups support in the form of financial support, business services support and work space facilities. Participants will have access tomentors, organized talks and brainstorming sessions, as well as training sessions and conferences. Ma’an Social Incubator intakes will be competitive and by cohorts, lasting in 6 month cycles.

Community Engagement Program

Ma’an will lead a cultural shift in Abu Dhabi by promoting community engagement and a culture of volunteering.

Ma’an aims to build on existing social volunteering opportunities as well as introduce new ones. Itwill support organizations to improve the quality of volunteering experiences and ensure volunteering efforts are directed towards programs for the common good.


Outreach department aims at boosting the engagement of Abu Dhabi stakeholders in creating measurables and suistainable social impact.

The department is focused on promoting a culture of social contribution and participation to Government, private sector, non-profit organizations and civil society. Outreach management will also support other Ma'an pillars in their outreach activities (both communication and partnerships).