We are committed to building on this legacy with our values of giving, community spirit, creative entrepreneurship, collaboration and responsibility.

Ma’an looks beyond the horizon to help transform society where social capital, shared value and shared responsibility become an intrinsic thread in our social fabric.

It is our belief that people have an innate desire to make a difference in society. We know that philanthropy is at the heart of Abu Dhabi’s society and our goal is to move from a charitable to a more developmental approach, promoting a vibrant and formalized third sector and active civil society.

Ma’an will enable the third sector to flourish in Abu Dhabi through diverse channels of support, advocating policy and leveraging knowledge, expertise, networks and funding. As well as partnering with government entities to prioritize and steer funds for programs that serve the city’s social needs, we will motivate the private sector and public to engage with us to incubate new ideas that grow into fully-fledged non-government organizations and social enterprises.

We will form a bridge between all sectors in society, encouraging the birth of new ideas, ground-breaking solutions and multi-stakeholder engagement. We will apply leading innovative solutions and relevant market mechanisms to empower projects with a clear impact on social needs.

Our journey has just begun, and we are excited and passionate about bringing together Abu Dhabi society to deliver solutions for the common good.


Our brand identity symbolizes the interconnecting water channels that make up the Falaj, the ancient irrigation system in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. Sharing responsibility for the Falaj, the community took turns to look after and maintain their small section of the irrigation system. Working together, each individual action became one great outcome and the whole community shared in the wealth brought by fresh water.

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