Family & Community
  • Community & Social Cohesion
  • Family
  • Leisure & Sports 
  • National Identity
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
Employment & Education
  • Education & Skills Development
  • Employment
  • Resources & Climate Action
  • Sustainable Cities
Basic Human Needs
  • No Poverty
  • Housing
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How we are

  • First fund of its kind in the region tackling the most pressing societal challenges in Abu Dhabi
  • Complements the role of government in addressing societal challenges and provides a tool for government entities
  • Provides a sustainable source of funding for social causes
  • Strengthens community participation by attracting contributions from different sources
  • Enables measuring impact of funding
  • Nurtures the impact ecosystem and catalyzes growth of the third sector
  • Supports SME development and job creation
  • Provides a fundraising platform for social causes
*Curriculum will be in English

Ma’an sets to unite the emirate under shared societal values to create and fund innovative, sustainable solutions to important social challenges.

There is strength within numbers and through working together, every day individuals, communities and organisations in Abu Dhabi will receive the help and support they need to thrive, but we need your help.

Through contributing to the Social Investment Fund, you can be part of a pioneering third sector in Abu Dhabi, where your money will be used to address important social causes, helping those when they need it most.

Through our careful investment strategy, part of your contribution will be placed in an endowment fund to keep on generating returns continuously providing funds when social needs arise, with the remainder being placed into supporting third sector entities that tackle challenges in Abu Dhabi.

Your contribution will make a positive and lifechanging impact for generations to come.
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The Together We are Good Programme, is the first Program of the Ma’an Social Investment Fund and was established to support citizens and residents affected by the current health and economic challenges.

The programme allocates contributions to cover Educational, Medical, Food Supplies and Basic Needs and has assisted till date more than 400,000 people in Abu Dhabi. Learn More